The Rookery

The Rookery is where our projects take flight. In 2008, honouring the beautiful original architecture of this 1912 Samuel Maclure home, we converted the bare, uninsulated attic space into a bright, warm studio in which to hatch our ideas. Come on in and take a look at what we've been doing.




What's New

  • 3D Gallery: Terroir

    My latest sculptural works, shown in Terroir, are rooted in the duality of strength and vulnerability present in our relationship with nature.  I use the human figure to reflect a holistic view of our interconnection with all things.  We are not seperate from our world.  While working with a live model I look for the physical expression and emotion of form and create a narrative that speaks to our inseperable bond with environment, be it water, earth, biodiversity or the cosmos.

  • Mod Nation Racers

    Chris's latest game release was in September, and is a kart racing game featuring user created characters and worlds.  It has been described as "Mario Kart" meets "Little Big Planet".  Coming Soon to a PS3 near you!

  • Facet

    Our first iPhone app!!  A new twist on the Rubiks Cube.  Get the free version, but if you want more of a challenge, upgrade for new levels.  Available now on iTunes

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